Windows 7 offers many advanced features which is easy to use, these features will satisfy the customer completely. Windows 7 can be installed on a Virtual PC by using a Microsoft’s Virtual PC software with some simple steps.

1. Install the Microsoft Virtual software and create a new virtual machine to install Windows 7. Select the location where you want to install the virtual machine files.

2. Choose the newly created virtual machine on Windows 7 from the list of machines available and click on start which opens a new window.

3. Insert the Windows 7 installation CD in the drive and open the menu in the virtual machine. Select the option ‘Use Physical Drive’  if you are using a .iso file select ‘Capture ISO Image’.

4. Reboot the virtual machine by selecting the option ‘Reset’ from the ‘Action’ menu if it does not run by itself. The virtual machine will read the disc and will start the installation.

5. Just follow the instruction to complete the installation of Windows 7 and you have to agree the user agreement of Microsoft Windows 7 and the product key also.

6. After the installation open the Virtual PC by selecting the virtual machine which was created earlier which will use the RAM and hard disk space which has been specified during creating the virtual machine.

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