Zune 80GB is an MP3 player introduced by Microsoft which gives huge amount of storage and works with ease. In case if you face any problem with this device it can cleared by troubleshooting it.

1. Recharge the battery of the device in case it doesn’t work or plug one end of your syn cable into your device and the other end to external USB port.

2. Zune software should recognize the device when plugged in or if it does not try to reboot the Computer for further procedure.

3. Press the button in the Zune device to check it works or try whether it is locked. Toggle the lock to switch on the device at least for two times.

4. Try the Zune Software to see if it needs to be updated or if it contains an older version which could slow the device.

5. Clear the data in the device if it faces any difficulties. Select the about button and select the Storage button on the Zune page which will show the storage place.

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