Are you forget important to-dos? Need help? Dont worry Gmail can solve your problem. Yes it’s true because Google Inc is testing a new Gmail tool. This new Gmail tool designed to help users keep a better track of their tasks daily.

The company has announced a new tool called Tasks. Tasks is designed to help Gmail users create their daily to-do list. Tasks sits is present in the same kind of Window as chats, so that it is  visible whenever users read e-mail,or  use the search function or do other tasks, said by Google’s Task Team in a Gmail Blog post.

According to a Google spokesman, The new feature, which is coming out of Google Labs,Tasks, is still in the testing phase.

If you want to enable Tasks,then  go to Settings, click the Labs tab. Select “Enable” next to “Tasks” and then click “Save Changes” at the bottom. Then, after Gmail refreshes, on the left under the “Contacts” link, you’ll see a “Tasks” link. Only you have to  click it so that you get started.

To enter a new task you just need to click in an empty part of their list and start typing. Their is no buttons to click and it is saved automatically. Hit can Return and there’s a new task right there.

You can also easily convert your emails into tasks.

for that  select one or more messages and go to More Actions & then click on Add to Tasks.  Or for shortcut  turn on keyboard shortcuts and use + t.

There is no time frame for the new feature to be officially added to Gmail. After successful creation of your To Do list is looks like as follow…

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