One life to live and everyone wants to live to the fullest of it.‭ ‬How bad it feels when your favorite colored dress with the most lovely pattern that you are really searching for wont fit you‭? ‬How about your boy/girl friend staying far from you just because of those few extra pounds in your body‭? ‬Sometimes little things hurt a lot. So, here are some tips to lose weight,

‭*Never stop eating food but eat little in regular intervals of time.

‭*A 45 mins of regular heavy walk in the early morning followed by a glass of warm water will help you too lose the weight sooner.

‭*Be conscious while eating sweets, baked items etc.

‭*Avoid alcohol for quick results.

‭*Keep chewing gums so that, your mouth will be under some motion.

‭*Do not avoid any particular category of food as it may lead to some sort of deficiency, just intake a little quantity.

‭*Drink lot of water, as water removes the unwanted wastes from your body and balance nutrients in your body.

‭*Studies have proven that insufficient sleep can increase your weight.So have a good sleep, nearly reaching 8hrs.
‭*Don’t wait till you are hungry, eat at a regular time daily.

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