From the success of second Twilight Saga movie, “New Moon” which hit box-office yesterday, a lot of fans are already excited to watch the third Twilight Saga movie, Eclipse.This morning a lot of devoted Edward and Jacob fans searched Google with an attempt to find out when the next movie of the series, ‘Eclipse’, will make its way to theaters.

In ‘Eclipse’ Team Jacob and Team Edward will come together to fight a new breed of vampires, Bella and Edward will look at colleges, and poor Jacob will have to wrestle with heartbreak when he learns that Edward and Bella are getting hitched (ouch).The third installment(Eclipse) gets a new director in David Slade (’Hard Candy’ and the vampire thriller ‘30 Days of Night’) and a new Victoria, as Rachelle Lefevre will be replaced by ‘The Village’ star Bryce Dallas Howard.Twihard fans may get something more interesting, but to find that they have to wait till June 30, 2010.

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