A new minute-plus look at upcoming season paints a gloomy picture of what’s to come for the Winchester brothers.At this year’s convention of all things awesome also known as Comic-Con Supernatural creator Eric Kripke said that, despite season five being about the apocalypse, Lucifer walking among Earthlings, and the potential end of the world, it would be the “most optimistic” season yet.Having seen the latest teaser video for Supernatural’s upcoming cycle, we have a hard time believing him.

The recently released trailer from The CW gives us a peek at what Sam and Dean will be up to in the highly anticipated season, and it looks as though it will involve a lot of blood and some serious mayhem (but that’s just fine with us). Accompanied by a chilling cover of the traditional folk song “O Death,” the minute-plus trailer makes us so excited for the September 10 premiere, we’re putting together a time machine so we don’t have to endure any more painful waiting. Take a look for yourself and try and contain your squeals of delight.

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