Kedar Tal is one of the beautiful lake of Uttaranchal. The lake is located at 18 km from Gangotri, Kedar Tal is hidden in the Garhwal Himalayas undoubtedly a dream destination for people looking for adventure. Incorporated in the rugged mountains, Kedar lake also reflects the snow-capped peaks.

Very impressive, dramatic and beautiful, the trip to Kedar Tal is very hard. You get a good long distance to walk to Kedar Tal as it is 4,000 meters above sea level. Far from plains, which makes the tourists to travel with only the bare necessities for reaching the destination.

The crystal clear water of Kedar Tal perhaps one of the glacial lakes also known as the sacred by the worshippers. It is formed from the melting snow of Kedar glacier is estimated as the contribution of Lord Shiva. In this great hight in Uttaranchal there is also a rich variety of wildlife. Blue Kedar is covered with green forests, it is alo a place for many animals such as Bharal, Goral and also Himalayan black bear.

This is one of the famous place for trekking & many trekkers come here from all around the world very year. Kedar Tal is also the base camp of trekking to Thalaiyasagar Jogini & also Bhrigupanth. You can also plan trips to other peaks of the Himalayan Kedar valley from here. However, this trip is very difficult and you need a guide to be there with you during this trip. The best time to visit Kedar Tal is between June & October. The nearest railway station is Rishikesh station & the nearest airport is to come to Kedar Tal is from Dehraduns Jolly Grant Airport.

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