Releasing on 10 April


Jimmy Shergill

Kulraj Randhawa

MEET, a Punjabi boy who lives at Vancouver is a total fun loving chap. Adventure is his secondname. High speed bikes, racing cars, ice hockey and what not, you name any adventure andMEET is there to rock. He is an adventurous brat of a highly sophisticated Canadian family.Now lets see our girl Rajjo… A girl from Punjab… a girl of principles.

Family values & cultural priorities are very close to her heart. Come what may, she will never act in a way that will embarrass her family. What happens when MEET and Rajjo, from entirely different worlds come together….!!Sophistication of Canada openly welcomes the openness of Punjab but in a mischevious way.. MEET, who never thinks twice before saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ to a girl.

Now meets Rajjo, forwhom saying “I LOVE YOU” will be the biggest moment of her life.As everything was going in a merry way, tale takes a sudden turn. Before they could realize, fate has parted their ways… But destiny has something else to offer…..Meet is not ready to surrender in front of the fate…he will not let his love slip away in frontof his eyes… And in this topsy turvy tale of love, family & relationships, they just cant help asking each other… TERA MERA KI RISHTA…

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