HALO Awards

After a healthy week of scandal of the celebrities it was very interesting to end up this week with Halo awards. Friday night’s TeenNick HALO Awards was very interesting. The interesting thing in it was that celebrities surprise philanthropic teens with grants and scholarship money. Executive producer and host Nick Cannon were very impressive in it. The show was very impressive as it boasted impressive lineup of stars that seem genuinely enthusiastic to participate. Cannon, who was host of the show said

The list of award winner includes Brryan Jackson, 18 was HIV positive since the age of 5 created the AID awareness’ program. Mo. Jackson was infected injected with HIV-tainted blood by his father, when he was 11 month old. His father was life prisioned due to his act.

Darrius Snow, 19. Abandoned as a toddler, he later built up Atlanta-based BTEAM, a community youth outreach program. Leah Stoltz, 17 was diagnosed with scoliosis. To support group for those who have the spine-curving disease, she created Curvy Girls of Long Island. Megan Kilroy, 17 was awarded for a youth organization that promotes environmentalism and ocean research.All the young people will get $10,000 to further their education and $10,000 more for their organizations. The fund will be provided by Hollywood’s Entertainment Industry Foundation.

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