With plethora of options around certain features of the phone which are exceptional now, will soon become a commonality. This is in essence being driven by the mobile phone makers themselves. Again a point to mention is that if these features get standardized, then phone users will demand more and more. It is then when other set of features will enter the phenomenon. As far as the basic features of TechCom T60 is concerned, their functionality shall also be a matter of concern. On the contrary if such phones are offered for cheap then little bit of risk taking is justified.

With the Techcom T60 what you first get to note is the different deign that has been given to the phone. Though a basic candy bar, the red lines and spots of red on the key pad on a black background make the phone look all the more appealing. As a part of the features, the 2.4 inch LCD screen needs a mention. The phone has Dual SIM of GSM SIMS. The memory is expandable up to 8 GB with a 4 GB card offered for free. The phone supports audio and video formats and FM Radio. The WAP application makes surfing easy.

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