From the iconic Black and Yellow cars of the Mumbai Streets and the same on Kolkata roads, they certainly have a set a class for themselves. Though taxis were not popular in other parts of the country, in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, they were the pioneers. There were days when tourists considered driving in those taxis as a privilege and a fulfilled activity. An advent of this sort, certainly targeted at upper class, today has come to e used by everyone upper and lower equally. Not that Taxi rides are cheaper, but then their utility is now recognized and needed by people.

As more and more people become owners of cars and other vehicles, because of easy loans, their use had rallied down. This has enabled people of all class to take advantage of the iconic taxi. On the contrary today, taxis have today become an important phenomenon in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. The emergence of employers and MNC’s has garnered their growth in the country. Here again there are many players in the market, but their pricing is almost similar to one another. What is important to realize is this is today Taxis are just a call away.

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