Former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen about her upcoming feature film Karma aur Holi, seem to have rubbed Suchitra krishnamoorthi in a wrong way. Here is what Suchitra Krsihnamoorthi had to say in her defense about the movie and about Sushmita Sen’s statement.

“In calling Karma aur Holi an undignified film Sushmita is cutting off her nose to spite her face. I really dont understand why she could have said what she said. Yes the film has been slightly delayed and all our lives and expectations have changed since we shot the film. But nothing different was shot from what was on paper -the script was followed to a T- if she found the subject undignified why did she become a part of the project? It was an ensemble cast and an unconventional script from day one why suddely want to turn it into a heroine centric film? It is a real film about real people and real life situations and it includes many of us.

I object strongly to her statement calling Karma aur Holi undignified and defend my film -it has turned out very well and is a brave and ambitious venture-a genre in itself. Which other film has had a mixed international star cast with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Vincent Curatola Drena Dnero etc…and such fine performances by all its indian cast as well…? Randeep Hooda is outstanding in the film and so are Rati Agnihotri, Suresh Oberoi Deepal Shaw and Naomi. Infact if any body should object to anything it is me. Some of my major scenes from the script were cut off because Sushmita would insist on reshooting her scenes thereby wasting everybodys time money and good energy. Manish Gupta being a new director was forced to give in-i argued with him but then let it pass because it was not that important to me. Films are not my mainstay nor do they define my importance to myself or to the outside world.

Staying away from the promotion of a film is a personal choice. Everybody is entitled to that. If Sushmita decided that she didnt want to promote the film it was totally ok. But to belittle a product that so much money and energy is invested is wrong. There are new careers such as director Manish Gupta’s etc that hinge on this. I also consider it an insult to be suddenly asked and told by the whole world that I am part of an undignified film because Sush has made this sweeping statement in the media. An insult not only to myself and my team but also to Sa Re Ga Ma the producers who I have been closely associated with through music and art and social interactions for over a decade. If anybody understands and supports creativity it is them.

I had to make major readjustments in my time and schedule to make this film happen for myself. Leaving my daughter alone for 6 weeks to go on an outdoor schedule to New York was unimaginable to me and i was about to refuse.But when Shekhar saw my excitement he told me to just go-putting his own work on hold and moving to Mumbai to look after Kaveri while i was away. I have a love making scene in the film and was petrified. Not only while shooting but also about the final outcome. I am happy to say it has turned out very aesthetic and conveys what it is meant to convey in the movement of the story. There is nothing undignified in the scene or in the movie.

Sushmita has given a fine performance. She has the most to gain from this. She should just relax and not allow her fears to chase good things away.”

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