Studying English Shorthand is a challenging task but can be useful in case you want to write quickly. The most used and difficult type of method are Gregg and Pitman systems. Teeline and alphabetic are also other types of methods.

1. Shorthand will take at least one year to study by practicing it an hour a day. The classes for shorthand can be done through online as it is no more used in USA.

2. Pitman shorthand uses different lines at many angles to show sounds in the English language and it is most difficult to study or writing. Go to the website for finding the source for learning.

3. Gregg shorthand is also very famous type of English shorthand and represents words via symbols signifying spelling but tough task to read later.

4. Teeline shorthand simpler shorthands to learn and can be found at journalism schools in United Kingdom. Practicing this shorthand can be used to represent words.

5. Alphabetic shorthand is the best and easiest one to study and slowest one to write. Books related to this one can be found in the internet.

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