Withdraw cash from ATM

Even though you have learnt how to withdraw cash from an ATM, you might not be following some precautions which is important to keep your account safe at banks. Here are some of the steps to remember while withdrawing cash from an ATM:

1. Make sure you are alone in the ATM cabin having a single machine. In case you find anybody else, you can request them to stand outside until you complete the transaction.

2. Be careful while entering PIN(4 digit pass). Stand right in front of the machine to avoid anybody else from taking a peek at the PIN.

3. Some machine require only to enter the card at the beginning of the transaction. In such case after withdrawing your cash make sure that you have exited the system totally. If you do not exit the system, the person who comes after you can withdraw the cash using the option ” Carry out another transaction” because the card is required only at the beginning on these machines.

4. Do not forget your card inside the machine.

5. In case you have lost the card, inform the bank immediately and also give them a written request to stop all ATM withdrawals from your account.

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