Auditioning for a show of any kind is a nerve wrecking and exciting experience. All the hard work and aspirations that you pour into rehearsals and honing of your craft can come down to a brief moment in time in front of an audition panel. Auditioning for a musical can send anyone into a nervous tailspin. Follow some steps to audition for a musical with style and grace.

1. Determine what musical you want to audition for by browsing variety sections of entertainment and theater magazines. Check college boards for information on auditions and ask other musical theater friends and colleagues if they know of any upcoming audition dates.

2. Make sure you have at least five copies of your latest head shot to take to the audition. Find out whether you will need a resume for your audition. If so, then make sure it is only a page long and lists only pertinent education, training, and performance experience since most directors won’t look at the page for long.

3. Call the number listed on the want ad to schedule your audition. Schedule your audition on a day where you have little else planned. Find out during your phone conversation what you need to prepare for and if you will be dancing in your audition.

4. Determine who you are auditioning for. Figure out what kind of shows they have been in previously or what background they hold. Look for video recordings or audio recordings of their performances or directorial experience to tailor your song selection to be more appealing to them.

5. Find an accompanist whom you are comfortable working with, preferably one you have worked with before. Bring unmarked sheet music to your audition. Rehearse your audition selections numerous times on the days before your audition and make sure you are secure in your ability.

6. Arrive at the audition at least thirty minutes before your scheduled audition time. If it’s an open audition, then give yourself ample time to arrive and find somewhere to sit. Bring a bottle of water and something to entertain yourself while you wait, since auditions run notoriously long. Be confident, relaxed and professional and thank them when you complete your audition.

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