The King of caps, but first time without his cap in the interview with Joginder Tuteja  sharing some moments @ his film karzzz.

He said that ” First thing that i can tell @ the film is that it the remake of Subhash ghai’s 1980 karz. Its same as karz but with twist in second half. Its a masala film & a 2hrs 18min film & he s having a lots of hopes from these film. The film is bringing out around 1200 prints globally which happens mostly in case of  only king khan films & it is just following the recent film “Singh is King”.It will have big blast same as khan films. It will have a huge blast on both sngle and multiplexes.

The producer Bhushan kumar & the Director Subhash Ghai had put all there marketing skills in right manner & if we talk about the story of movie its a story based on puner janam and mythology. Monty(H.R.) is a Rock Star in south africa and in one party he meets tina  (Shweta Kumar)   having a pretty face. After some days he realised that his previous life name was Ravi verma  (Deno Morea) & he died in some accident & had married a beautifull girl called kamini (Urmila).  It was a great experience working with Urmila and Rishi-Simi. Manoj soni had done cinematography.Most of the shooting is done in south africa & kenya.

It is some what same as Om Shanti Om in which hero reborns with same face but in these hero reborns with a new face.

In these film had a triple role as singer, composer, actor. And i promise that it will have same energy & blast, emotions as my first album Aap ka surroor. It is having music of T-Series.  Satish Kuashik interpretation follows his previous karz to karzzz. Our efforts are to bring the 1980 karz hero Rishi Kapoor at the premiere.

Iam having full confidence that these film will win the heart of our aam junta who is our main target.So its a karzzz on audience to watch these film.”

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4 thoughts on “sshh…! Himesh reshammiya is talking @ his karzzzz….”

  1. Quoting from the article – “The producer Bhushan kumar & the Director Subhash Ghai”

    The director of Karzzzz is Satish Kaushik…

    I happened to catch this move last weekend. Its nothing more than an extended Himesh Reshmaiyya musical concert…He starts singing for no reason every 10 to 15 mins in the fist half. In the seconf half, they have given a small twist when compared to the original karz, but, the twist doesn’t make any impact. Its not an intelligent twist like the one we saw in Shahrukh’s Don. Himesh has put his heart and soul in the movie. But, he can’t raise his acting above a certain level and has limited expressions. The heroine (inder kumar’s daughter) is stone faced and should immediately look for an alternate career.

    This movie looks like the movies of 80s where nothing made sense and its not even funny…Avoid this movie at all cost and spend your time doing something more productive…like watching a saas-bahu serial…lol

  2. Well what to say about this movie :)). I use to watch mostly all Urmila movies, but dropped this one after seeing the promos on the television. Urmila does look odd and I wonder why she styled her this way in the movie. Friends even started teasing me for being a Urmila fan after this movie, so I wish this movie never came at all. And about Himesh, God knows how he fixed his baldness :)) I heard he got some hair weaving done.

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