With technology making heavy in roads in almost all fields mobile telephone is no exception. With Qwerty key pad to touch screens to phone cum tablet phones, the development just seems insurmountable. With something different on offer all the time, the users are lured by such feature that although are surprising but seem just to satisfy more than what is demanded. You might not feel the same with the spice M 6800 Flo because it is priced well under INR 5000. The phone is placed in the market by riding on such key specifications of user interface, touch screen, etc.

The phone firstly has a screen of 3.1 inches which has a cube interface, which means good clarity with ease of use. More over the phone is available in different colors of blue, yellow and black. The user value is further enhanced by providing Opera browser and making it Wi-Fi enabled which further supports GPRS. This assures that your internet experience any where is delightful and hassle free. The phone has a 3.2 M camera with enhanced camera capabilities. More over the phone is loaded with many JAVA applications to get you rid of boredom any time. The 8 GB expandable memory further enhances the utility of the phone.

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