what does the DV in the phone name mean? It means Dhasu Video Player. The phone enables its users have a world class video viewing experience. How does that happen? One might wonder there shall be that gorilla glass high end strong supportive touch screen and like any of those smart phone even this one offers that high resolution color combination screen. But that is where the phone makers have thought of changing such perceptions of users. Additionally what have they done is that they enabled the high quality video viewing of 25fps in a candy bar phone.

The Spice M 4580 DV phone is a 92 grams weighing and 15.7 mm thick candy bar phone that supports the video formats of 3GP, MP4 and API. This experience for users is enabled through the 4.5 cm wide screen given on the phone. More over for the users to use the video capability the phone has an expandable memory card slot of up to 4GB. More over the battery backup of the phone is also upgraded. In addition for the users to enjoy music the phone comes with a Music player supporting most Audio formats and also in built antenna to enjoy FM Radio. All these make it worth a buy at INR 2299.

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