Sony Xperia X10

Sony Xperia X10 is a great social networking phone with great facebook and tweeting abilities. The conservations and all the feed updates of your facebook friends can be viewed in a single view on the phone with a great touch and drag function. The phone also has great face recognition capabilities and can recognize upto 5 faces in a photograph and automatically store them under your friends.

With a powerful 8.1 megapixel camera in which Sony is an undisputed leader in clarity this phone is for all the social networking geeks out there who need a great camera phone with social networking abilities.

Sony Xperia X10 is also equipped with a wide range of applications like the Google Maps, Geo Tagging, aGPS and handwriting recognition. With a size of 12cm X 6.3 centimeters its large enough for a cool surfing needs. The Price of Sony Xperia X10 in India is 35795 INR.  A less costly version of its smaller version called the Sony Xperia X10 Mini is available at Rs. 16745/-

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