The State in the country and the people living in it deals with different aspects in the modern era, the government on the other hand does many programs which are a bane for the millions of poor in the country . In a country like India even though the sate and central governments are elected by the people itself, but they never work for people. Right to information act has created a new era in 2005 and public administration has turned fruitful and people living India has a great advantage or right, that it is to question the government which they have elected.After five years though this struggle has taken lives of 17 people, it has had wonderful but small triumphs.

People have audited activities of many village officials who have only on paper accepted to building wells and roads, subsidized rice which reached mills and private retail instead of government subsidized ration shops, teachers who did not teach and pinched the mid-day meals, etc. People today question all these and file complaints against such activities.
In Andhra Pradesh, social audits of village public works exposed corruption to the scale of 100 crore rupees and 30 crores have been returned by corrupt officials and representatives. When Rajasthan Government promised in 2007 that homeless people were eligible for house Pattas many Pancahyat officials because of caste prejudices have not done so. Thanks to RTI applicaionasking accountability, 650 dalits have now got house Pattas.

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