1. Practice often, and regularly. This is the single most important thing for any musician, because even if you have good ideas, it’s hard to put them into musical format without the skills required on the instrument. Van Halen used to walk around in his underwear and even cook while practicing guitar. Take a tip from him! Practice constantly, and you will be well on your way down the road to being a solid musician.

2. Learn other styles of guitar. This is helpful in writing interesting music, as well as expanding musical concepts. A good example, whether or not you like death metal, is Nile. They have fused extremely technical guitarwork with middle-eastern style melodies, creating an extremely complex and unique style which is hard to reproduce. Expanding your horizons is key!

3. Learn songs from bands you like! This can further help you learn techniques and can help you get started on a project you’d be proud of. Having a solid understanding of which music you’d like to play is important for being in a band, or in a solo project. Either way, it’s fun AND educational.

4. Never stop playing guitar for an extended period of time. Put it down once in a while, yes. But don’t give up, even if frustrated. This is very important. You will find you get rusty quickly without practice.

5. Learn scales and at least some music theory. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but definately something everyone should look into. It really helps when writing GOOD music.

6. Make a project out of it! Being dedicated to music is a good way to expand your horizons further, and you can reap the benefits of being in a band. It’s fun and possibly profitable, although the hardcore musician would never do it solely for the cash.

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