In Bollywood, you are either a star or a critically acclaimed actor. There are very few who have actually struck a balance between both parallel, low budget and commercial cinema. One of them is Shreyas Talpade, who single handedly carried Welcome to Sajjanpur, a film that was appreciated by the critics and did well on the box office on his shoulders. Before that, the Subhash Ghai film Iqbal also had the same fate. Not only did it win accolades by the masses and classes but did very well commercially.

Then followed another Ghai production, the complete potboiler Apna Sapna Money money which was a box office success too. Guess it’s becoming a habit with Shreyas to give hits, as his next film Paying Guest looks like a surefire hit too Aur yeh hum nahin kehte, trade pundits kehte hain, who have seen the rushes of the film.

Shreyas is supposed to be very good in the film and it’s being said that with Paying Guest, Shreyas will hit a hat trick with successful films with Subhash Ghai. Well, it looks like there is no stopping Shreyas from his Star-Actor status.

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