The phones from Samsung though offer the same thing that other operators offer, the combination and novelty of features in the most basic of phones is noteworthy. Even the way it presents its phone is just eye catching. Also the combination of the most basic features is done with complete sense in order to cater to the specific segment for which the product is made. The strategy of price cutting is what it follows but ten there is no escape from it. Only then can it survive and maintain its top market share numbers.

This phone from Samsung is commonality apart since it comes with dual speakers. You are offered with such speakers that you would possibly think that can it get any louder than this. From music to conversations, the phone rightly provides use for its speakers. More over the language display is enhanced by including seven different languages. More over the rings are made all the more sweet and audible by providing over 40 different ringtones and also MP3 songs. There also is a torch light which further makes it a better multi taker tool. The candy bar phone with 1.5 inch screen and other call features justifies its price of over INR 1500.

Samsung Guru E1160 Reviews | Samsung Guru E1160 Price in India

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