A combination of a smart phone and a tablet PC Samsung Galaxy S was launched in July 2010 and was priced at $ 399. The phone with a TouchWiz 3.1 technology is a 7 inch touch-screen, is the first of its kind to use the technology. Enabled with Google’s Android Operating system, the phone weighs 118 grams. The phone therefore appears to be slim and light. It has a two mega-pixel camera with HD video capture that enables video recording. The phone has an 8 GB and 16 GB micro SD and a battery backup of 4 hours.

The phone has new features that are generally not found on the smart Phones. They include Daily briefing with regard to weather, news and also feature the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). The touch screen has a 10 home screens that house plethora of icons. Few of the new icons not found on similar phones include Google Search, GMail and Google Maps. It also has a think free application that helps users work with the Windows 2007 system.
With its perfect Swype feature the phone also allows easy texting even before deciding the purpose for texting. Though highly a tech-savvy phone, users are dissatisfied with its plastic-like body and poor connectivity.

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