Rob Schneider’s radio with West Palm Beach’s  Wild 95.5  morning show has made the national spotlight. The interview went so bad it was featured on the Howard Stern show this morning. Stern seemed to side with Schneider and said one of the hosts. Stern also commented that the hosts were amateurs.

The Wild 95.5 radio hosts, Kevin, Virgina, and Jason sat down with Schneider to do an interview on Friday the 13th. Schneider seemed to be very agitated because his interview started 15 minutes late. Schneider started out the interview joking around, but seemed to get nasty as the interview progressed. Schneider was very condescending to Virgina saying “I make a lot more money than you. I can buy and sell you, and people like you.”

Jason got the last dig in as Schneider walked out, he said “Elvis has left the building.” Rob Schneider said “No, Rob Schneider has left the building”. Jason then replied “Sorry Tiny Elvis has left the building!”Schneider said he was just joking around with them. Like mama always says, what’s good for the gesse is good for the gander.

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