This certainly seems to be a perfect title given the lineup of events led by Anna Hazare and Baba RamDev. Certainly what they are doing is going to do good to each and every Indian given their protests turn fruitful. But certainly taking a stance for your country’s good is certainly more than appreciable in a time where most of the country’ youth flee to the west cursing the country for its systems and sad functioning. Not to forget this might also seem to be a good title for any NRI who comes to India and though has lot to crib about, will just go on saying how good the culture of his country is.

After discussing the title, it’s good to reflect on what being an Indian is like. Though you bear all the mis happenings at all public offices in the country, you at least can get a helping hand anywhere on the streets. Though people here are emotional but not heart less. There are cases where victims of road accidents have got their lives, just because a few strangers got them to hospital at right time. Not that this does not happen in any country, but then this will for sure happen in India.

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