According to the results of nationwide poll, American Idol 2010 four constantans have been sent home. The list includes: Tyler Grady, Janell Wheeler, Joe Munoz and Ashley Rodriguez. These contestants have been voted out by as many as 24 million voters. The poll was conducted last week and millions of fans participated in the same to decide the fate of 4 out of Top 24 American Idol 2010 extremely talented singers. The result of the reality competition poll, however, shocked many too since the exit of above mentioned contestants turns out to be bit too surprising.

All four of the above listed singers were amazingly impressive and certainly better than many still remaining in the existing lineup thus; disappointing a lot of music lovers. Tyler Grady for instance, was flawless in the rendition of “American Woman” wherein the 20-year-old mesmerized the audiences as well the judges. He sung beautifully and deserved a chance to move ahead. Likewise, Joe Munoz, Janell Wheeler and Ashley Rodriguez were just as good as the others left behind and survived the nationwide poll. 21-year-old Ashley from Chelsea Massachusetts that has also been eliminated alongside Tampa Florida shining singer Janell Wheeler whiles they had impressed all the judges with their stunning display of abilities.

It appears that leaving their fate for all the highly talented singers to the personal ‘judgment’ of the people is little unfair. The youth going home or being sent home might well be much better in terms of talent as compared to those still present with the show but then again; the judges have kept their collars clean by putting it all on the audiences!

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  1. As a musician Iam really thankfull for the people who organise american idol coz Iv’e really learn’t alot from It and for me Ive got a band that plays here in fiji at the hardrock cafe not professional but listening to american idol Iam really learning alot from the judges and also from the beatiful singers.

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