It is the common problem on Windows Computers , it is displyed when using the NetTime and NetView commands on computer. It means that your computer access to a network machine has been denied .

This error display in this manner:
1. “System Error 5 has occurred”
2. “Access is denied”

Inside the Windows Computers this error is mostly caused by the User Account Control.It is main component in use when you have n/w pc trying to access your computer system and basically it determines the level of access . Also there is other causes of this error such as, registry errors on your pc and pc being un synchronized when including the likes of the time on your PC. To resolve this error on your computer use the following steps:

1.Fix this error is to change the “LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy” registry key. When N/W pc try to access to your pc , this setting of resitry is responsible for accepting /denying the access.You  need to change this setting by using the RegEdit.exe Program.

2.After that you should correct unsynchronized time setting on your pc, by double clicking the time at the bottom-right of your pc and then synchronize it with Microsoft Time Server . This will clearifies that the two pc are trying to connect that should have the same times or correct times.Thus they will be able to communicate without any problems.

3.Scan your PC for virus.

4.Using the Registry Cleanner Tool clean out the registry , it is play an importent role in operating the windows and may help to stop the System Error 5.

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