Although Neetu Chandra has fractured her ribs, she is recuperating at home and not in a hospital, as one would expect. The reason why Neetu isn’t in a hospital is because she suffers from Nosocomephobia, a fear of hospitals. Neetu is now under medical care at her residence for the next five days.

Neetu says, “I injured my ribs a couple of days ago when I was playing basketball, but I continued playing. When I was working out on Wednesday, I realised that something was terribly wrong and I told my trainer but he made me undergo rigorous training, which further aggravated the injury. On Thursday the pain got so unbearable that I was admitted to a hospital, but I kept pleading with the doctors to discharge me. One of my cousins passed away when he was admitted to a hospital and ever since, I’ve been terrified of them.”

Commenting on what will happen to her shooting schedules Neetu says, “I might have to shoot for Jagmohan Mundra’s Apartment but I have informed them and they have been sweet enough to tell me that nothing is more important than my health.”

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