Although management games of building blocks and others that enhance team work and leadership skills have been around for some time, but the new innovation are the newer games that keep getting introduced. Recruiters to top MNC firms have now started using replicas of popular social networking games like Farmville to recruit and train already existing people. The idea behind of course is to test people but in a varied way. This although gives people a different image of having an enjoyable experience but then management certainly have good benchmark scores to scrutinize.

Not that, candidate who are made to play such games do not take it seriously but it certainly surprises tem as to how they will be evaluated. Also the games are simulated according to the firm and the kind of work the candidate might be required to do. These games therefore give the management to gauge the ability of the candidate to handle mundane and new situations. They also give a glimpse of the individual’s ability to stay cool and to effectively use his mental faculties at any of the task assigned. Although this games cannot be the only evaluators but are valuable second checks.

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