(from left) Sanjay Khan, Zarine Khan , Suzanne Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Pinky Roshan & Rakesh Roshan.

The highlight of the evening’s party was a live band, flown in for the occasion from New Zealand. The dancing never stopped…

The entrance to Sanjay Khan’s Golden Palms resort in Bangalore where Hrithik Roshan got married tp Suzanne Khan on December 20th.

Mehandi Rasam…..

Hrithik with his beaming pa Rakesh Roshan, just before the wedding. Suzanne Khan was not present because it was deemed inauspicious for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony.

Hrithik roshan with his father in law Sanjay Khan

Actor Fardeen Khan, Suzanne’s cousin, arrives for the reception. The Khan family was out in full force for the wedding. Suzanne is the last lady in her generation to be married.


14 thoughts on “Memories of Hrithik Roshan & Suzanne Khan Wedding”

  1. Susanne with her big forehead, droopy eyes, pale skin, and body that has no womanly curves, or a woman’s shape, just very straight, you know what she reminds me of? A cross between an alien and someone who just woke up from a VERY long comma.

  2. what rubbish is surina talking about… suzanne is the most hottest and sexiest wife and mother in this whole universe. so what if she isnt dead slim atleast she doesnt have a fat belly.
    and guess what surina… i have met hrithik and suzanne when i bumped into him and suzanne outside his house when i was in holiday in india. he invited me into his house… it was a mansion.i met his 2 sons hrehaan and heidhaan who are soo cute.
    he invited me to his house because i was a holiday maker and i wasnt tres passing or dying to gat an autograph of(anyway i did)
    he said to me that next time i come to india he will surely meet me as he said i am polite
    beat that surina… dont you ever diss suzanne or his family otherwise i will tell him. pakkah. i swear on my mums life

  3. hiiiiii hrithik…. im a big fan of u. i watched all of ur films and hope u make more. anyway, u and ur wife look dashing and awesome. ur wife is so slim, simple, and light. she matches with you perfectly. enjoy ur life and the wonderful moments at night. ha ha ha. just kidding. take care…………

  4. Damn, Suzanne is so lucky to have a hot hubby like him. LOL
    but she’s pretty too! Whoever said she doesn’t have woman curve must be blind. (She doesn’t look Indian to me, though. But theres no chance she’s mixed blood, right? I mean, her parents are both pure Indians…. arent they?) Never know that she’s a graduate of Interior Design too! I guess, we, girls who like designs, are into guys like Hrithik… LMAO

    PS: Surina you’re a loser. We all can tell that you’re so jealous of her cuz she’s pretty. Pfft.

  5. Im Really Sorry 4 u Sunia.You Just Care About Her Face & Apearance?!Im Really Disappointed…!!!She Really Looks Like A Great Mom,Even Though Shes Not That Beautifull.Im Sure She Has LOts Of Great Thing That Why Hrithik Chose Her…!!They Look Great Together.

  6. They are the most sexiest & cutest couple. I think hrithik could not have got better than her. They are just made for each other.

  7. hrithik i love u i really want to meet u my boyfriend is resembel wd u . i really love him . pehle mujhe us me aap dikhety the. bt now wo mujhe aap me najar ata hai . after marriage i’ll sure come for meet u wd him . i want to see u both together

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