A Medical Residency is used by medical school graduates as a part of graduate training program. It is a needed to become eligible to apply for licensure as a physician.

1. A Medical Residency is a post-graduate medical training program in which a person who has received a medical degree is eligible for practice medicine under guidance by licensed physician and works in hospital performing different kinds of medical procedures lasting 3-8 yrs.

2. The spots available are very less in residency programs including competitive application process. The applicant attends different types of interviews and should travel with own responsibility. A resident must work for a long time and will be called in for various shifts. The time taken for learning a specialization will be more compared to normal.

3. In a medical school the students get good knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology and in all these skills will be very less in a residency programs and a resident in a in a hospital can learn various specialties of medicine.

5. A resident work timings will be more and sometimes it may take a 48 hours continuous duty and usually the average work time will be 60 and 130 hours which will affect the spoil the health. Residents work at present has been  limited to not more than 80 hours per week by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

6. During the first year of the program the residents will work in internal medicine just by monitoring patients condition and after one year the resident will be shifted to specific program. After completing the program for minimum 3 yrs the resident will be eligible for licensure. Neurological surgeons and plastic surgeons take from 7-10 yrs serving for licensure.

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