How smartly various features in the phones are now built and offered, is seriously a phenomenon of its own. Although to get that pie of the market the mobile phone makers are bound to do this, since they are left with no other outcome. With this phone of LG you certainly will be assured that by paying a price slightly higher, in real terms that should least be said reasonable, you will get things worth the price. Priced at INR 6500 and also lower, this slider phone has multimedia and 3G to offer.

Starting with the design, the phone certainly attracts any one. The front slider has more number of keys than found on such similar looking phones. The phone also has some shortcut keys so that every time slid opening the phone is not required. More over the screen is big at 5.1 cm so that users can enjoy all the different experiences enabled by the phone. The phone offers 3G connectivity which further takes the browsing experience to entirely a new level. High speed with fast download is certainly assured. More over multiple Mail accounts, Video calling for which camera is further enabled with another camera which are other noteworthy features of the phone.

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