LG front loading Washing Machine ReviewsModel F1403TD25

Review of LG Front Loading Washing Machine Model F1403TD25

If you are looking for a fully automatic front loading washing machine, the LG F1403TD25 is something which you must consider a look into. It boasts of a direct drive technology which replaces the need of any belt of pulley thereby giving more efficient power to the drum. It also has a fuzzy system which automatically detects the level of water required and the suitable washing method to be used. It can complete the whole process of wash+rinse+spin in 30 minutes.

Unlike other machines from other brands, where a process is completed only after completing other ones, the LG model has an option to opt for just rinse and spin if the clothes are already washed outside. It has a capacity for clothes at one try at 8 KG’s.  With various wash modes like cotton, wool, synthetic, handwash, wool, duvet, rinse+spin and only spin, this washing machine is dynamic to the maximum extend required in an Indian environment.

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