Over the next eight days, Kylie will be in mumbai  working on Ashtavinayak Films’ Blue which stars Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta and Zayed Khan and which has music scored by Oscar winner A R Rahman.

Kylie has already recorded two songs for the film, one a solo for the promotional video of Blue and the other a duet with Bollywood’s lead singer Sonu Nigam. The story goes that the international pop music artist who has sold in excess of 60 million records and has achieved her greatest successes in Australia, Europe, Asia and Latin America, was approached and given the music tracks scored by Rahman to hear. She liked them and agreed to sing for the film, but in her London music studio. Her solo number is reportedly a racy and peppy song that has an international beat to it. The duet was done between Mumbai and London, with Sonu recording here and his tracks being sent to London for Kylie to sing along with. The music notwithstanding, Blue which will release in August appears to be the costliest Bollywood film ever made with its budget touching Rs 110 crore already.

In Mumbai, Kylie who is well-known for her elaborate music videos and expensively mounted stage shows, is slated to shoot the duet with superstar Akshay Kumar to Farah Khan’s choreography. Talking to BT about Kylie’s visit, Akshay said yesterday, “I actually and truly believe Slumdog Millionaire has opened many doors for not only India, but for our own film industry. Only weeks ago Kylie was on stage honouring our beloved A R Rahman at the BAFTA Awards, now she’s performing a song composed by the very same man. I think she must feel as honoured and excited about working together with him as I am. And I’ve heard Kylie moves as sweet as she sings, so it’s back to the rehearsal room for me!”

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