Kannada actor : Chetan
Chetan is the attractive hero of the kannada industry.He has acted in the film Adhinagalu.He is a good actor.He’s new movie birughali he has appeared in a new look.He actor really natural.

Chetan who debuted with super hit film called “Aa Dinagalu” with his next film Birugaali, directed by dance choreographer and director Harsha. In this film Chetan had hard to change his style, Physique and even body language for this role in Birugaali.

‘Aa Dingalu’ fame actor Chetan’s second film ‘Birugali’ that is also the second film of famous choreographer Harsha (his earlier one was Geleya) has been cleared by the Regional Censor Board with a U/A certificate recently. The excessive violence is said to be the reason for giving this certificate.’Birugaali’ by Adarsh Enterprises has the story, screenplay by director Harsha. Arjun scored the music and H.C.Venu is the cameraman.Seethara Vaidhya, Karishma, Thara, Kishore, Giri, Mico Nagaraj, Paramesh and Pratap are in the cast. This film is slated for release in January 2009 end.

Birugaali, with Chetan in the lead, will have its next schedule in Istanbul. The film is being directed by Harsha who is a choreographer-turned-director. The last movie which he directed was Geleya featuring Tarun and Prajwal.

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  6. Hai Chethan,
    How r u? Your acting is very gud, i m not able to judge u. All da very best your bight future. Take care

  7. Chetan you are so cool. You are the future of Kannada film industry. I love your acting, dancing, fighting. especially i love your smile and look. You are 1 of the best actor kannada film industry ever have. I LOVE YOU AND WE LOVE YOU. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR UP COMING MOVIES.

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  15. I like Chetu very very much!!!!
    He is not just a “star”, but the “moon”…….
    Chetu is out of the world!!!

  16. Hi Chethan,

    Probably there is no new thing to tell you, as every one expressed the best feelings that usually a person can have when they love that person. However, i would still want to say…ur handsome and as far as i know u have a good attitude. I dont know whether u would make time to read this or not but plz do read this. Ur very lucky there are so many people who loves you….i would say even i am one amongst them. Ur the one person whom i ever like so much in kannada industry..Last thing i want to say……. I love you…I love You…I love You and I Love you.
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    Hope your doing good..i am a die hard fan of yoursssssssss….your film Birugali has influenced me a lot…you look great….and you speak kannada well versed…
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