Kajol is nowhere in the news of late. How is it that we suddenly remembered her? Well, it’s thanks to dance expert Sandip Soparrkar. While in conversation with him, we gradually went on to speak about the dancing talents in Bollywood .

He bravely claimed, “Kajol is one of the best dancers we have! Nobody has tapped her dancing talent on screen as yet. I have seen her doing the salsa and have to say that she is simply superb. She can do hip-hop, folk, any form of dance with equal ease!” Ajay Devgan, it’s time to make a musical next and get wifey dearest dancing to your tunes all over again!.

3 thoughts on “Kajol one of the best dancers in Bollywood….”

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  2. i agree with mr said akram, i wanna say that kajol is the best actress on bollywood or in the world for me so Mr devgan let her makes movies and dance please.

    hope u the best kajol

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