Grammy Awards ceremony was surprisingly entertaining and the performances were rocking. Actor-turned-musician Jamie Foxx performed “’Blame It’ and he was one of the many talents to hit the stage at the award show. Jamie Foxx and T-Pain hit the stage in historical, ancient style to perform Jamie’s hit song, “Blame It” (On the Alcohol). They no doubt made the night and whole crowd were enjoying it.

Not only this had they also brought on old school rapper, Doug E. Fresh for a beat box session. Jamie Foxx came on stage and started his performance in a very dramatic style and started singing “Blame It” and he was dressed in a suit that looked to be from the 1700’s or something. His song was a Billboard # 1 hit song during last year and during his performance when the hip hop beat came on the crowd went wild. Their performances were full of energy and they were rocking. Jamie, Doug E. Fresh, T-Pain performed brilliantly and it seemed like they all had a good time.

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