This is a million dollar question that all the top HR honchos of every firm face. Every one knows for sure that gossip cannot be useful but can only be harmful. In straight forward corporate lingo gossiping is waste of productive time inside the office. All the small or regular meetings will certainly have the boss pin pointing it indirectly to his sub ordinates of how they shall regulate lingering and talking around. Of course all time indulgence in such activities is absolutely a time to buzz that alarm against gossip but a ten minute phenomenon every day or a half an hour easing once a while is still ok.

But the whole idea of gossip is a no-no in Business. This is because gossip is thought to be just serving to pollute the office environment by discussing things they are of least importance or results in changing the meanings of things once they become the target of gossipers. But this cannot be true all the time. It is by talking to each other that employees unwind and share personal opinions and get to know each other better. It is tapping on this good side of gossiping that can help organization be more vigilant and take advantage of the grapevine.

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