Innovation could not get any much better. Touch screen phone day shall become as cheap as the candy bar phones. Of course the touch technology will not replace the age old keypad, but it certainly has made that special lace for itself. Though there is ease of use but then there also is that extra care which needs attention. Bu then it today seems to be the norm of the day. From high end tablets and smart phones to something as basic as the Intex 6622i, touch screen seems to be carrying people wide over the world crazy.

This phone with 7.1 cm of screen is a touch phone though classified to be a bar phone. Quiet difficult to fathom as to why it is described that way, but then touch on a candy is any day welcome. In addition the phone comes in glossy red color which is more than attractive. Its short cut keys are also different from the normal phones. For users entertainment there are audio and video players with recording capabilities too. The audio recording is better through sound recorders and equalizers. Fm Radio is another addition. The 2 MP camera and host of connectivity features make the phone a good choice at INR 4800.

Intex 6622i Reviews | Intex IN 6622i Reviews and Price in India

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