Darshan:Darshan Thoogudeep is a Superstar of Kannada Film Industry. He is the son of famous Yester Kannada actor Thoogudeep Srinivas, who was well known for his villainous roles in Kannada movies. He is son of Thoogudeep Srinivas & Meena Thoogudeep who was one of the famous Kannada artist at earlier time along with Dr. Rajkumar and others. He struggled a lot before becoming popular on screen, did numerous off-screen work to reach the current status.He is called the challenging star of Kannada Film Industry.

Darshan has already acted in over 38 films. His first movie as a hero was Majestic. His biggest hits include movies like “Kalasipalya” “Kariya”, “Datta”,”Gaja” and many more. His latest movie “Gaja” completed 100days recently. Kariya was one of his best movie of all times which has run more than 700days for second time release.Gaja is the biggest Kannada box office hit of 2008. He and Rakshita are considered a hit pair among the kannada-movie goers.

Darshan has a brother named Dinakar Thoogudeep Kannada Director. Darshan married Vijayalakshmi in 2000.Challenging star Darshan became a proud father on October 31st when his wife Vijayalakshmi gave birth to a healthy boy in a Bangalore
hospital. So this Friday will always be remembered in Darshan’s life. All of his films are released on Fridays and this Friday, he has been blessed with something very special: his first baby.

He is the only actor in the world who has his own zoo privately in far east of Mysuru, Karnataka India and his home itself is like birds sanctuary having all most all types of birds and pets. Darshan’s other passion is cars, July 2008 he took brand new H3 Hummer Car, imported from Dubai and it joins an Audi A6 in the portico.

Darshan Movies:

Majestic,    Dhruva,    Laali Haadu,    Ninagoskara,    Neenandre Ishta,    Kitti,    Annavru,    Darshan,    Lankesh Patrike,    Thangigagi,    Kariya,    Dharma,    Daasa,Kushalave Kshemave,    Namma Preethiya Ramu,    Jothe Jotheyali,sardara,    Monalisa,    Mandya,    Kalasipalya,    Suntaragaali,    Ayya,    Swamy,    BHUPATHY,Shashtri,    Datta,    Arasu,    Snehana Preethina,    Anaatharu,    Ee Bandhana,    Gaja,    Indra,    Arjun,    Navagraha,    BOSS,    ABHAY,    Porkhi.

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