Who doesn’t like a new toy? Boys and girls of all ages like to have the latest, greatest, trendiest product they can find. Car enthusiasts love everything automotive; computer whizzes and geeks love the techie side of cyberspace items; and yes, fly fishers love their gadgets and gizmos, too.

Someone is always coming up with a new gizmo to help make a job easier while you’re out on the water. And who doesn’t like to go out decorated with all the gadgets you can get?

We have compiled the latest fly fishing “stuff” meant to capture the attention and curiosity of 18 million or so, fly fishers, their spouses and/or better halves, and fly fishing boys and girls of all ages.

Have fun and may your fly fishing dreams come true!! New “toys” will be added periodically.


The innovative Modular Tippet Dispenser is easy-to-use, versatile and expandable. No more fumbling around for the correct size tippet. The precision molded dispenser manages one or more tippet spools, in individual, clearly labeled, interlocking modules with built-in line cutters.

• Tippet modules interlock to form an expandable system. Includes 3 dispensers

• Index reference window makes tippet size identification quick and easy

• Built-in line cutter on each module

• Tension arms prevent spool backlash

• Rubberized line guide keeps tippet end accessible for easy access

• Swivel Clips (2) are included providing easy attachment to any “D” ring

Heat Sox

Heat Sox are specially knitted quality wool, nylon, spandex and Dupont Thermolite designed for quality comfort. A battery pack generates safe heat to the embedded coil. Dual temperature settings give you control over how much warmth to generate. Enjoy up to 12 hours of soothing warmth on one battery!

Sizing: Medium = Men (5-9) / Women (4-6) Large = Men (9-12) / Women (6-10) Extra Large = Men (12-15) / Women (10-12)

Heat Gloves

Heat Gloves are fully lined with 3M Thinsulate on the inside, and have non-slip palm and finger surfaces for added grip on the outside. Barrel cord adjustment on cuff helps keep out wind and snow. Velcro wrap band insures proper fit. Provides up to 8 hours of soothing warmth on one battery!

Scientific Anglers Saltwater Sharkskin Fly Fishing Line

This is the ultimate in fly line. The line is specially made with microreplicated structures to reduce friction, improve floatation and durability and repel water. The coating increases the surface area and repellency, helping the line to remain higher in the water. These qualities make it easier to mend the line and to cast. The surface also helps disperse light, making it virtually invisible to fish. If you fly fish in saltwater, this line may be worth your while. It isn’t cheap by any means… but you may find it worth the price.

Not really a gadget or gizmo, but a really great line!!

20/20 Magnetic Tip Threader

This handy little threader can help you when your hands are just too cold to easily thread your tippets through the eyes of those tiny flies. It is magnetic, and the hook automatically gets pulled into place for easy threading. Simply point the end of your tippet into the groove that directs it right through the eye. Heck, why wait until your hands are cold? After you try this, you won’t want to thread flies any other way. This gizmo is a bargain!

Walking Stick Fishing Pole

If you need a walking stick, combine your favorite hobby with your ability to get around! This wooden walking stick is carved with an attractive pattern and is fitted with a reel and fishing line as well. A rubber safety foot is on the tip to make your walking stick safe. Definitely a gadget for the angler who has everything else!

De-Fishing Soap

De-fishing soap is created to remove the fishy scent from your hands. Lather, scrub, rinse and repeat to remove the odors of bait and strong-smelling fish like salmon, catfish, squid, trout, tuna, and more. It is made of biodegradable, natural materials and is very gentle on the skin. It also serves to mask your odor from the fish. The soap contains star anise, which attracts fish. A single bar can last all season long.

Solar Powered Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boat

If you have the money to spend and like to lake fish, you may want to take a look at pontoon boats. This is definitely a luxury item, but if you have the budget, why not indulge? There are several different pontoon boats designed for fishing. They will feature a livewell to keep your catch in, a sink, a captain’s console with an optional GPS unit, marine radio, a privacy unit, rod holders and plenty of comfortable seating. Most companies will give you the option between deluxe bass seats with armrests or sofas with laybacks. The boats come with a fold up shade cloth you can open up on sunny days. Talk about fishing in the lap of luxury!

Optional accessories may include a kitchenette package, a cooler table, a fiberglass bar, carpeting, a wheelchair wide side gate upgrade, depth finder, trolling motor plug, hydraulic steering upgrades, storage compartments and an aluminum-skinned underdeck. Other options include a retractable docking line, a power amp, an iPOD controller, a swim raft, a filler seat, a sleeper system, interior lighting, a chemical toilet and more.

As you can see, a pontoon boat can end up being a simple tool to help your fishing experience, or it can become a luxury item that you can actually camp out on the water or entertain your entire family. If fishing is an activity you spend a lot of time doing with your family, a large pontoon boat may actually be a good investment.

Split Shot Companion

If you use split shot to weight your line, you know the risks. Shot is too hard to crimp by hand, so you stick it in your mouth to use your teeth. Not only can you chip a tooth, the lead is toxic! When you want to remove it from your line, you can’t get it open, so you end up cutting your line and having to do it all over again. This handy little tool crimps lead shot easily and opens it back up again, saving your health, your teeth and lots of frustration.

TY-RITE Fly Holder

This sweet little fly holder will prevent crushed hackles, dropped flies and pricked fingers! This holder features a spring-loaded tip that holds your fly securely by the hook bend, making threading much easier. The fly can be spun for the perfect knot. Two sizes are available… the Senior model works for flies down to size 18, while the Junior model works for tiny midges and flies to size 24.

Leader Straightener and Line Cleaner

Attach this handy little gadget to your vest before you even leave the house! Two gadgets in one, to straighten your leader, just pull it through the rubber faced sides until it is nice and straight. Add a few drops of line care solution and pull the line through the felted sides to clean and remove the memory in the line. A bottle of line care solution is included.

Quik Tye Line Threader

Do you have trouble threading those tiny flies? This little tool is the answer to your prayers. It will hold a wide range of fly sizes (from 6 to 22) securely. All you need to do is clip the fly in place and thread your tippet through the guide hole and your fly is threaded. The Quik Tye has a pocket clip and a lanyard ring so you can keep it in a convenient location.

Landing Hand

This is an alternative to the traditional fishing net. Perfect for catch and release, it helps you get a firm, gentle grip on the fish. Made of knotless mesh, it clips conveniently to your belt when not in use. When you’re ready to land that fish, just slip your hand in, gently grip the fish’s tail and admire your catch. The Landing Hand works with fish of all sizes from both fresh and saltwater. A coil lanyard is included.

Rod Rulers

A rod ruler is a transparent ruler that you can stick onto your fishing rod. It is durable, waterproof and flexible. Virtually unnoticeable on your fly rod until you need it, when you catch the big one, you can easily measure it by holding your rod up next to the fish. Take your photo, and you’ll have proof of your catch before you release it back into the water. The ruler can be trimmed as needed to fit perfectly.

Hat Eyes

Do you have trouble seeing details up close? You don’t want to fumble with a sharp hook when you can’t see what you’re doing clearly. These Hat Eyes clip onto your hat brim and make easy work of threading a tippet or tying flies. Magnification is 2.25X.

If you are getting a bit older, these glasses or something similar can really be a blessing!!

Dr. Slick Fly Tying Gift Set

This kit is full of top quality stainless steel tools to help you tie the best flies ever. The set includes a scissors, bobbin, hackle pliers, hair stacker, bodkin, whip finisher, and bobbin threader. They are all kept secure in a foam insert. These tools will last a lifetime.

Fly Fishing Knot Cards

Knot tying can be a tricky business, especially if you don’t get to use that skill every day. This set of four plastic waterproof cards show you how to tie eight of the most popular knots used in fishing, including the uni, double uni, Palomar, blood, surgeon’s end loop, improved clinch, surgeon’s and rapala. They are thin like a credit card and will fit in your vest or tackle box.

Fishpond Swift Current Thermometer

It is a good idea to keep a thermometer handy to help you succeed at your fly fishing. How does a thermometer help you? Well, changes in water temperature can have a big effect on insect hatches and fish feeding patterns. Knowing the temperature of the water will let you know which fly to use to tempt your quarry. This thermometer measures from 20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and works in both fresh and saltwater. It comes with a lanyard attachment and is contained in laboratory grade anodized aluminum.

UV Repair Kit

A UV repair kit is a great thing to have on hand in case you get a leak in your waders. Just apply it directly to the hole and expose to sunlight for a minute. Suddenly, your waders are as good as new. If the weather isn’t sunny, simply use the handy UV lamp that comes with it. The kit also includes a tube of UV activated knot sense. This will help smooth and strengthen your knots. It can also be used as a general adhesive or as head cement.

Spudz Eyewear Cloth

This soft microfiber cloth is lint free and is helpful for cleaning off water drops and smudges from your camera lens or your eyewear. This cleaning cloth is sewn into a handy little pouch you can dangle from your fishing lanyard. Just pull the cloth out of the bottom of the pouch, use it, and stuff it back in again.

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