Of many things we take for granted is the care for our eyes. Like all other things we give focus to it only when it starts giving us problems. Only when our headaches or our vision is not normal do we rush to a doctor. Of course this situations demand you to go o a doctor and one should, but one can always avoid inviting such problems. One reason behind this complacency is, that most of the times people suffer from eye problems only at a later stage, say after half of their life is lived.

For those who wear spectacles, already know that they never had a clue that they will get themselves such lifelong shackles. Thanks to technology for today there are alternatives for everything. Although it is good, but it does not induce people to take care of themselves and rather makes them dependent and helpless. In order to avoid any of such problems at any age and better still for your entire life, keep in mind that our eye loves green. That is to say that lots of green leafy vegetables, carrots, salads and mind you all of this better be raw can fetch lots of help towards that daily care of eyes.

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