There exist a thin line difference between being confident and over confident. But even before we get to the details it is important to realize that being confident is essential at every stage and phase of life. From teenage to old age, confidence can turn situations to your favor any time. The magic in confidence is that allows people to repose faith in you and your capabilities. How does this fetch you any advantage. Confidence also lets you realize that you are strengthful and can take things in stride. Confidence is that spirit that tells you that come any challenges your way you shall face them with complete gut.

But all that in turn are dependent on you being confident. In the sense that only when you have faith in yourself, you can ever be confident. Faith in one self will come from conquering every situation in life be it the minute one’s. Not necessary that you come winning out of every situation but still you tried hard to tackle it. This ability will help you keep your spirits high since you know that you already have faced similar kind of situations. Though this seems a vicious circle of faith, confidence, challenges, etc but then remember the more learned you grow more you add to that confidence quotient of yours.

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