Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy Death Hoax is not actually a hoax. Her death has not only been confirmed by the Cedar-Sinai Medical Centre but by her publicist too.The hoax about Brittany Murphy’s death turned out to be an unavoidable truth. People were very anxious about the news of her death but they perceived it as a hoax. Brittany who did movies like “Clueless” and “8 Mile” had cardiac arrest on the day when she died.

Although she was already sick before having the heart failure yet the cardiac arrest seems to be the cause of her death. She has been very sick for many days before her death and had medical condition resembling to flu. She was taking medicines but no illegal drugs were found after her death. According to TMZ, she was vomiting on Sunday morning. The investigators have told that her body was found in the bathroom indicating that she died when she was taking shower and suddenly collapsed due to heart failure. They told that they found her vomit scattered on many places. Investigators found many medical prescriptions not only of her but also of other family members.

The emergency call was made from her house and then she was taken to Cedar-Sinai Medical Centre but she couldn’t survive and died at 10 a.m. Brittany’s film contract for “The Caller” was terminated when she started to create trouble on the set. Her body will be taken to LA County Coroners office for post mortem and medical investigation. It is reported that her husband wants to halt this process. A spokesman of Brittany made a statement that they request media and other people to take care of their privacy in these sad moment.

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