There is now a boxing ring at Shah Rukh Khan’s home, Mannat. No, he isn’t practising boxing for a film or preparing for a match with arch rival Aamir Khan.King Khan, who is into all kinds of sports activities, had a boxing ring especially constructed for his 12-year-old son, Aryan.The boxing ring at the Khan abode has been made by the 144-year-old sports shop Wagle & Co at Dhobi Talao near Metro cinema.

Owner Manohar Wagle says, “We have constructed a children’s boxing ring on the play floor in Mannat. It was challenging because we have never done something like this for an individual before. We are used to constructing for schools and clubs. The space was smaller. We had to reduce the dimensions and the height of the ring at Mannat but I think we did a good job.”Wagle says that Shah Rukh’s people contacted him and they had specific instructions of their requirement, “Actually Aryan wanted a WWF wrestling ring where the ropes are more flexible but at the time, we didn’t have the stretchable ropes. We finally used a substitute that isn’t as stretchable.”

Now Wagle, who has lost contact with the actor, says he has managed to get his hands on the flexible ropes that Aryan wanted. “If Shah Rukh wants, I can put that in for him. I also want to Aryan’s name printed and put on the four corners of the ring.”

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