Movies do make a mention when curriculum in B-Schools is concerned, though not very much. In fact it is quiet shocking too, that Bollywood movies have also earned their place in the erstwhile B-Schools like IIM Ahmadabad, the leader amongst all. Of course the next thing that Indians are crazy about after cricket is Movies, and it is quite evident that movies appeal all of us. But for Business Schools where students primarily choose to take admission is because of the hefty pay packages offered by the recruiters of the placement cell of the b-Schools, the motivation to showcase movies is not just entertainment and letting students unwind.

Rather movies have become a learning resource for them. For instance, at IIM Ahmadabad, the Blockbuster Movie Robot showcasing South Indian Second God Rajnikant is now made a case study. The reasons range from the planning of the movie to the cooperation of the crew in making such a great hit. According to the management, the movie teaches a lot of things to students like team work, conceiving an idea and turning it into a reality, coordination, cooperation, marketing strategies, placing of products, etc. Therefore the management gurus think that when movies can help discern so many skills then why not game on.

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