I don’t think that this is an original idea (about a man turning into a woman due to divine intervention), but this is still a new concept for Indian TV, and so far is working out (although at some time, the serial creators will want to stretch the serial, and that is when the story will start becoming painful). Bhaskar Bharti started on Sony TV on May 25, 2009, and is created by the long running creative group of Deeya Singh and Tony Singh.

Bhaskar is with a media company, and is a hotshot and well acclaimed professional. He is a serial womanizer, who ditches girl-friends all over the place. It is one of these women who cry out that Bhaskar should become a girl so that he realizes what a woman has to face, and it is through divine intervention that Bhaskar converts into a girl, called Bharti.

In the beginning, Bhaskar is shocked, but has slowly started to come to terms with the concept that this is something real, but he is constantly trying to figure out how to become a man back. He is still in his office, but under the name of Bharti now, and starts to see how discrimination against woman happens, and one is sure, that as the serial progresses, they will start to show Bhaskar in his guise of Bharti, learning more and more about the problems faced by woman.

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