The most important episode of “How to Make it in America” came online yesterday so, we are urging you to watch this second episode if you have not watched it yet. This episode was considered the most amusing episode of the show. The story of the show revolves around two young guys who want to prove themselves in the society and who want to attain their dreams. They want to achieve the elusive American dream.

“Creators of Entourage” brings this action for you exclusively on HBO while Julian Farino has directed it. Rob Weiss is the writer of “How to Make it in America”. In the upcoming episode, we will see how these two young guys cope up with the hurdles of life. This way can lead them towards their success but there are a lot of hurdles in this way that will prevent then to move on further. Life is all about struggle and this series clearly shows that how much struggle one needs to become successful in life.

Now, the question arises that how can you watch that episode. The best way to watch it is through your TV. You can watch it on HBO where it broadcast at 10PM ET. If you want to see it through internet then HBO’s webpage is a good option while it can also be seen on

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