Says a source, “As usual Shah Rukh was busy making light of his discomfort even hours after surgery. But the fact is, the injury was far more serious than it appeared.The doctors had recommended quick and urgent surgery months ago. But the workaholic that he is, Shah Rukh kept postponing the inevitable surgery until after Karan Johar’s schedule of My Name Is Khan and the promotion of Billu Barbar.” The healing process after the surgery is going to take at least a couple of months. Says a source, “Karan Johar has willingly postponed the next schedule. But Shabana Azmi who was supposed to play Shah Rukh’s mother would not have the required dates. Her role would now have to be recast as per Shah Rukh’s recovery and renewal of shooting.”

Meanwhile Amitabh Bachchan also visited Shah Rukh Khan at his residence Mannat here.Amitabh said ,“I had sent him (Shah Rukh) a message for his speedy recovery. He called back to thank and inform me that he is home. ‘I was getting depressed in hospital, so came away’, he said, ” Amitabh posted on his blog.Amitabh messaged him: “I was planning to visit you in the hospital” and Shah Rukh replied saying: “Come home sir, we shall play some games.”“Don’t take after surgery too lightly, I warned him and take rest and do not get into any kind of activity. He sounds a little groggy, ” he added.

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